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Windows Mobile 6 – Only Google search?

So I upgraded from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 last week and I’ve spent a decent amount of time tinkering with the enhancements and think WM6 is a nice improvement.  They’ve added some great new features such as enhanced calendaring and HTML formatted emails.  For those of you who use a WM5 device, you know what I’m talking about.  While I didn’t mind the strictly text email, the new features are greatly appreciated.

After poking around some of the settings I found that WM6 doesn’t have MSN as the default search engine for the web search feature on the ‘today’ screen.  I know Microsoft has paid penalties out the wazoo for monopolistic practices in it’s PC operating systems so I figured they just didn’t want to get nailed for this and set a different default.  But why Google of all people?!?  At least they tried to purchase of Yahoo…why not set them as the default?!?  After some more searching I was surprised to find that not only is Google the default search engine, it’s the only search engine that you can set.  One of Microsoft’s biggest competitors holds the sole search rights on Windows Mobile devices…weird!

After thinking about it a bit I figured it had to be something that Palm or AT&T configured and it wasn’t Microsoft’s choice.  The thing that bugs me is I don’t even have the option to add a new search engine.  I wonder if AT&T or Palm is getting kickbacks for this nonsense?!?

Then, after reading my blog news a few days ago I heard that Google launched a downloadable plugin for Windows (and here) that allows for ‘fast’ search from the ‘today’ screen of your WM device.  That’s cool, except it already exists and doesn’t require a download.  Not like it takes up much space, but there is just no need.

Now, as many of you are aware I show a lot of love to Google.  I normally approve emphatically of what they do but I just don’t see the point here.

Overall Google, I think it was a waste of time and money to build.  But that’s just me.  Better luck next time.

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