Google AdWords gets partial HTML5 makeover

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I saw something this evening that I thought was worth posting.  I’ve been spending a lot of my free time lately developing and promoting an iPhone app.  I’ve got a second in process so this whole process has been a great learning experience.  Part of my mobile obsession extends to browser based apps (i.e. not App Store downloads) that utilize some of the advancements in the HTML5 specification (I use the word ‘specification’ loosely as I’ll include local storage, geolocation, etc under the same umbrella on this site).

HTML5 has it’s pro’s and con’s that each developer needs to weigh (we won’t get into that here) but web storage and web database are great advances.  The packaged modern mobile browsers (Safari, Android browser, etc) all support the specification which allows applications to store information from within their application that persists from session to session.  It can be very powerful…but it is definitely open for exploitation.  A common example is Gmail which utilizes the storage feature (along with App Cache) to allow you to work within the Gmail web-app while you are not connected to a network.  It also speeds up the entire user experience.

All that being said, I logged into AdWords this evening to begin preparing my campaign for this weekend and noticed they’ve begun utilizing local storage.  The great thing about it is that they request your approval rather than doing it behind the scenes.  Given that any website can create a ‘database’ on your local machine for storing information, I think that all user-agents (think Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) should force the user to authorize each use of local storage – i.e. one approval for

In short, it’s really cool that more and more sites are beginning to implement these features as browsers roll-out support but I’m more impressed that AdWords asks for permission.  I think more web-apps should follow the AdWords lead!

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