ThemeForest Disables Deposit Hack

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how to deposit a specific amount into your ThemeForest account so you didn’t forfeit monies that weren’t spent.  An Envato employee and I exchanged a couple comments and it appears that they’ve disabled the hack.

ThemeForest Deposit Hack Shutdown

ThemeForest Deposit Hack Shutdown

I must give them credit for at least modifying the pre-set amounts on the deposit page – now they’re in increments of $10 instead of $20.  Sadly, the lowest amount still starts at $20 and doesn’t really keep you from wasting, say, $8 on that $12 theme you want to purchase.  Keep in mind though, allegedly, if you email customer service they’ll extend your forfeit period beyond the stated one year.

I ran through the hack for a several different amounts but it appears everything is down.  Looks like a little validations before submitting to PayPal goes a long way.

In my comments I noted that I’d probably be back when I need another theme…I’m going to go ahead and retract that until this process is fixed.

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