’2.0′ doesn’t always work…so stop

Ok, this is more of a rant than a real post but there are times the ’2.0′ moniker just doesn’t work! Stop the madness!! I was in Hallmark this afternoon picking out mother’s day cards and just happened to notice a stand of ‘treasures’ (aka, mostly useless crap). I don’t think I normally would have noticed except there was glitter all over the place so it caught my attention…I guess that marketing ploy worked.

Anyways, I look at the ‘TY’ tag and notice they’ve added ’2.0′ to Beanie Babies. Really?!? You think this is your second coming?!? Adding 2.0 to something doesn’t just make it the new buzzword and give your business a new chance.

I’ve heard of business 2.0 and web 2.0 and agree with the new name. I mean, 2.0 in both of these cases means the rules of the game have completely changed. The way business is done and sales are made has changed. The web is now social and it’s getting even more so every day. But how does Beanie Babies 2.0 work?

Did you completely change how Beanie Babies function? Didn’t look like it to me…same old fabric animals stuffed with tiny beans. Do they interact with a website? Is this your answer to Webkinz? This sounds like a last-ditch effort to me and I thought it was pretty lame.

Beanie Babies Second Coming?

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