USPS can’t track packages

Well, I’m sure they can internally track the packages in their system but they certainly don’t provide those details to customers.  I recently ordered a small item from Amazon and got the email from them when it had shipped.  Good, great, super…

I pull up the email and grab the tracking number a couple days later and navigate to only to find out that it couldn’t provide me an update.  It just said that they’ve received the ‘electronic shipping information’.  Great, so what does that mean to me…nothing.  Anyways, not totally out of it, I decided to sign up for email alerts.  According to the descriptions, they’ll email me when the status of my shipment changes.  Great, in theory!

I go on my merry way only to check it a couple more times, one of them this morning.  No change…what is going on with USPS and where is my package?!?  Apparently, their system only has a couple statuses – shipping information received and delivered because when I checked my mail this afternoon it had arrived.  Surprise, surprise…I didn’t receive the email from USPS until about three hours after the package was actually delivered.

Good job guys…I’ll be using UPS or FedEx from now on.

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