Real-time Instant Messaging?

What exactly is AOL/AIM thinking? They had a great instant messaging client that was used by everyone. I used it non-stop in college and for the first couple years of my professional career. It’s a great communication tool and if the project I’m on now didn’t have a policy against AIM I’d still be using it.

While it’s a great client I feel like the folks at AIM are getting a little distracted from their main mission and spending time on features that would be better left out. According to the Beta website for AIM they have included a new feature in AIM that allows you to display your typing in real-time. Meaning when person A and person B are talking with real-time enabled, person B would see each letter that person A is typing show up on the screen individually.

Not only is that just absurd. Who has the time to sit and read each letter as it’s typed trying to figure out the word or phrase their friend is typing out. I don’t know about everyone else, but I prefer to read complete sentences rather than individual letters.

Here’s a shot of this non-sense in action thanks to the AIM Beta page:

Real-time Instant Messaging Sounds Bad

AOL – what a waste. I feel like you should be spending your time on more productive features.

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