Gmail gets mailing lists

My addiction to Gmail continues today (official post was last Thursday) as they roll out a ‘new’ feature – group mailing lists. The group feature isn’t exactly new, I’ve had group assignments in my Gmail contact list for about a year now but now I can send an email to everyone in a group without having to remember everyones name…let alone making sure I got email addresses right.

Getting set up is extremely easy, I had a new group with members set up and ready to email (test group for my screenshot) in roughly two minutes. I’ve got a couple different groups but they’re useful for family and friends.  Makes sending out the family news a whole lot easier.

When sending an email all you have to do is start typing the group name and Gmail will populate the email addresses for everyone in the group.

Gmail gets mailing lists

Sorry everyone, this is only available for IE7 and Firefox 2 or newer.

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