When did Facebook get so political?

Jenn and I were watching the New Hampshire Presidential debates this evening and I noticed that one of the major sponsors of the debate was Facebook. Yes, the same social networking site that claims more of a college students time than studying.

As I said in a post a couple weeks ago about Facebooks recent valuation, I’m a Facebook user and think it has some great things to offer. I remember Facebook having some political groups and pages as far back as the 2006 elections where people could choose candidates and issues to support. I think that’s great. It’s important that politics start to play a larger role in college students lives since they’ll eventually be our nations leaders.

One thing I didn’t notice, maybe it’s because I don’t access Facebook as much lately, is that Facebook has become such a force. I mean really…when did Facebook start sponsoring Presidential debates?!? Are they taking one out of the YouTube book and hoping Google notices? What kind of disgruntled family would that be…Google buys a company Microsoft just invested $500,000 in.

Here is a small shot of the Facebook politics page!

Facebook is sponsoring debates now?

Back to switching between debates and football!

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