2007 By The Numbers

As many of you know I travel nearly 100% for my job – almost every Monday through Thursday. I got to thinking about how much I traveled in 2007 and thought I’d share some of my findings.

In 2007 I…

  • Flew 73,549 miles (not including any bonus miles of course)
  • Stayed in hotels 158 nights
  • Rented 42 rental cars (the Chevy Aveo is a dreadful car by the way)
  • Traveled through 16 airports
  • Road Amtrak once
  • Visited 8 different states (5 for work – not including VA obviously or those I just drove through) and St. Lucia (honeymoon)

2007 proved to be a pretty busy year and I’m sure 2008 will be just as hectic. I’ll try to keep tabs on my travel in 2008 and let everyone know how it turns out.

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