Gmail ‘Labels’ get even better

A couple weeks ago Gmail added some real slick functionality to their web-based version (Sorry, Firefox and IE7 only I believe). I’m a huge Gmail supporter (I’ve been a user since they first opened up shop) and love the flexibility it offers – especially now that they support IMAP which I can get on my mobile phone. And sticking with standard Google practice – that’s free too!

Gmail ‘labels’ already beat the standard folder approach to email simply because it allows you to organize/archive emails in several buckets rather than just a single folder. As many of you have probably experienced, emails tend to involve multiple topics and it can be difficult to remember which folder you may have saved individual emails in. However, with labels you can tag an email with as many topics as you wish which makes organizing much cleaner. I know you could copy the email and place it into several folders but that would cause your email account size to grow at rates that often out pace storage space growth.

The color-coding of labels now lets me organize my inbox even further and provides a way for me to visually determine what requires my attention. I’ve got everything from to-do lists (depicted below) to family members designated with specific colors. To automate the process even further I’ve created a few rules – mostly for reoccurring topics of conversation – to tag emails as they are received.

Here is a shot of the color-coded labels in action.

Gmail Color-Coded Labels in Action

Just another reason why Gmail wins my email business.

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