Prank callers are annoying

So, when it happened to Jenn and I a few weeks ago I was obviously kind of annoyed by the whole thing but when it happened one of my co-workers the other week I thought I would post something.

Apparently there is a scheme where callers constantly dial your number (in Jenn and my case it was about every half-hour for a couple hour block each day), hope you say something or get upset and then hangup. Occasionally, the prank caller mumbled a couple words but I could never understand them. After a few very early morning calls I decided to call the phone company and see what I could do to stop this from happening.

The phone company didn’t say they could stop it on their system but the lady on the phone did offer up a couple suggestions for blocking the caller with a ‘starcode’. Starcodes are codes you can enter on your phone to perform special functions. Most people are probably familiar with the *67 (block your number) and *69 (call the number that last called you) starcodes.

To block a number, dial *60 on your telephone. When prompted, select 1 to turn the service on. Once you’ve turned the service on, select the option to add numbers. Dial the number as it appears on your caller id and follow instructions on the device.

If you missed the link above, here is a link to the some additional starcodes. I also found this while browsing the web, it’s the Privacy Rights Clearing house webpage on stopping prank callers.

Hopefully this information is useful!

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